Friulkiwi is provided with all the storage equipment required to guarantee the maintenance of the quality produced in the orchard, with the capability of bringing the fruit to the vendor until the month of May.
All the storage parameters are controlled by computerized systems managed by a highly specialized refrigerator technician who, together with the quality control technician, weekly reviews all the storage parameters.
Particular care is dedicated to the way the different lots of produce are arranged in the individual storage rooms, keeping a record of the place of origin, the year the orchard was planted, the condition of the orchard during the season, the storage data of the previous years, the Brix and firmness degrees at the moment the fruit is harvested.
All these data, together with a weekly gas-chromatographic analysis of the ethylene level in the storage room, make it possible to guarantee the same quality throughout the marketable period. The present cold-storage capacity of the plant is 4,200 tons.

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