Method of production

All the Friulkiwi produce is obtained following the indications of the agronomist, based on the collaboration and experiments carried out with the University of Udine and with regional technical bodies.
All the production orchards are visited periodically for a constant assessment of the production trend and to allow a suitable classification of the fruit lots in the harvesting phase. Particular attention is dedicated to the plants in the orchard in the blossoming phase and during the pre- and post-floral pruning and thinning.
Friulkiwi also studies the ideal fertilization and farm-management parameters for the different production soils so as to eliminate as much as possible the risks of diseases in cold storage and to guarantee a healthier and better preservation of this Friulian product.
The intrinsic quality of the Friulkiwi fruit (preservability and stability) is also obtained thanks to a rationalized harvest: the individual producers start their harvest, following the instructions by the cooperative, when the optimum hardness and sugar content parameters are reached.

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