Company presentation

Friulkiwi, the Kiwi Fruit Producers Cooperative of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, was established in 1984 by the will of some Friulian producers who, drawing from their prior cooperative experiences, decided to join forces in order to better safeguard their work.
In the following years, this initial core of producers drew other producers from all over the region, bringing the present cooperative to a total of 130 associates.
The main facility of the Cooperative is located in Rauscedo, a town that has made cooperation an established way of life and an instrument to enhance its entrepreneurial vocation, bringing the locally based cooperatives to a respected position on the international market.
Friulkiwi, with a storage capacity of around 4,200 tons, is the most important structure in the region for what regards the kiwi fruit and has always placed a particular attention to the cultivation techniques so as to guarantee a natural fruit on the consumer's table.
The professionality of the associated producers is continually updated by an expert technician who brings to the producers all the innovations and developments necessary for improving their cultivation technique, while placing primary importance to quality control.
Friulkiwi is therefore committed to the continuous improvement of quality in the widest sense of the word, ranging from the cultivation techniques to storage, in order to offer the European consumer a fruit of high quality.

Year of establishment: 1984
Partners: 130
President: Ganzini Juri
Vice President: Basso Marino
Manager: Antonio Pittana
Varieties cultivated: Hayward - Soreli
Production areas: Districts in the provinces of Udine and Pordenone
Total employees: 4 permanent and 30 temporary
Processing capacity: 70 tons a day of product sorted by weight by means of a computerized sorting machine
Packaging: in cartons and 1-layer trays
Storage: 6,200 tons in 35 cold-storage rooms
Marketing: 10% in EU, 90% outside EU.


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